Dawes super galaxy 57cm limited edition paint. EBAY

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Dawes super galaxy 57cm limited edition paint. EBAY

Postby tim_399 » 15 Jul 2018, 8:42pm

Bought a few years ago after doing a lejogle thinking i was going to do much more touring, but i've barely been out on it!

I have an email somewhere about the paint job as it was a limitied edition- it changes colour depending on the light would say its a greeny brown though.

Brooks saddle and bar tape.
Tri sprint bars fitted great for long rides and you need to change hand positions up
Shimano deore hubs and gears, has had a new cassette on the back, new chain and new cables recently.

Have now included an extra photo showing the measurement from the centre of the bottom bracket

See the eBay link for more photos


Originally put up for £600ono but have lowered the price, still open to offers but not in a rush to sell, contact me first as if rather sell outside of eBay to avoid the fees.

Located in warrington 07790076258.