Genesis Croix De Fer (105, Hope, tubeless gravelkings)

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Genesis Croix De Fer (105, Hope, tubeless gravelkings)

Postby overconfident » 26 Jan 2019, 6:23pm

I'm selling my (medium size) Genesis Croix De Fer as the sizing isn't quite right for me and I want to go 1x11 as well. I bought the frame only and built it up from there, so it's very different from the stock build. Full spec is at the bottom.

It's in really good condition, many of the parts are under a year old and haven't had masses of use, as with all the dry weather I've spend a lot of time on my mountain bike.

The frameset is cosmetically very good, and is the Reynolds 725 model (i.e. not the cheap one). It's been taped up in important areas to protect the paint. Can't say I've done a tidy job of taping though (I never do...), but it's served its purpose. It also has Portland Design Full Metal Fenders fitted (45mm wide, probably the best guards you can get.)

The drivechain is all good, still under 0.75% wear on the chain according to my chainchecker, gears are working very smoothly, and the 105 chainset and Ultegra front mech are only a few months old. The brakes are working spot on. I have a black 105 rear mech lying around that I can throw in if required -- it's a longer cage so will take a wider range cassette.

The wheels are probably the highlight: Hope 20FIVE's with 38mm Gravelking Slicks set up tubeless. Rims are straight and bearings all good, the tyres are a few months old but haven't had many miles in that time.

There are two things that need mentioning. First, it may be worth changing the bottom bracket in the near future -- the current one isn't creaking and there's no play, but after not riding the bike for a few weeks it stiffened up (although it loosened back up immediately with a few rotations). Second, the cable adjuster on the frame for the front mech is very stiff and needs some pliers to get it turning. I've dealt with this by getting one of the latest Ultegra front mechs, as they have an inbuilt cable tension screw for adjustment. The other way of dealing with it would be to get an inline barrel adjuster, so you can adjust while riding, or clean up the threads if you have the skills/tools.

Note as well that the stem, seat and post pictured will be changed back to Genesis one's before selling.

I'm looking for £700 for it, given the value of the wheelset

But I'd also be happy selling it without the wheels and guards for £400, as I'd happily put those on my new build

I'm in Leeds and happy to travel within a reasonable radius to meet.

Thanks :-)

Full spec:
Genesis CDF frame and fork, medium, Reynolds 725
Hope 20Five wheels, Pro4 rear hub, RS4 front
105 Shifters, rear mech and chainset (50-34t), 11 speed
Ultegra front mech
105 chain and cassette (I think), cassette is 11-28t
TRP Spyre brakes
Genesis finishing kit (bars, stem, seat and post)
Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders


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Re: Genesis Croix De Fer (105, Hope, tubeless gravelkings)

Postby rupertmartin » 7 Feb 2019, 11:08am

Hi there - wondering if you’d take an offer? Of £600 for the whole thing?

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Re: Genesis Croix De Fer (105, Hope, tubeless gravelkings)

Postby smhopkins » 10 Feb 2019, 10:08pm

Nice bike, but a little small for me. Well worth the money I'm sure! :D