Bakfiets Long john cargo bike - Southampton

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Bakfiets Long john cargo bike - Southampton

Postby Elizabethsdad » 18 Jul 2019, 7:26pm


Reluctantly decided to sell on my Bakfiets long john. It has not been used much since I got a Hercules cargo bike with electric assist. I kept telling myself that I was keeping it as a back up bike, but really it was mostly out of sentiment - it was my first cargo bike and I used it lot for taking my daughter places when she was younger. However I am now feeling sufficiently guilty that it is not getting used that I would like to see it go to a good home.

The bike is red and is the long version. Comes with rain tent and a pair of De Poort panniers - these are really big and also red. I upgraded the drive by fitting a GTRO 3sp front gear; the rear gear is Nuvinci N360. I still have the original crank set and chain case and will include these or I can put them back on if preferred and drop the price to £1000. Brakes are IM80 Roller brakes. Tyres are Schwalbe Marathon plus and the rear inner tube is Slime filled. B+M dynamo lights. This bike is about as low maintenance as it gets, it would benefit from a service which I am looking to arrange with Really Useful Bikes in Bristol, so the bike could be collected from there if that would be more convenient.