Specialized Cross Trail Elite disc Hybrid - Medium

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Specialized Cross Trail Elite disc Hybrid - Medium

Postby tony171 » 6 Aug 2019, 7:01pm

Specialized Cross Trail Elite Hybrid Bike ( Medium) with Hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension. To sell at £200

This is ideal Touring bike with fittings on the frame for panniers , mudguards and bike stand, it has hardly being used and is in full working order.

Shimano Gears and Brakes , with a triple chainset 48, 36,26 and a 9 speed 11- 32 cassette .
The front suspension fully works and can be locked out as required with no rust on the sliders.
As this bike had not been used for over a year, the disc brake calipers had started to leak, therefore I have changed the entire braking system , with Brand new Calipers Front and Back with new pads, new discs rotors and new levers ( It was as nearly as cheap to change the entire system as it was to change the calipers) . A brand new Chain has also being fitted.

Overall the bike is is in very good condition except for the rear wheel rim which while is still straight and fully functioning, has the paint on the rim bubbling up and started to peel, this is purely cosmetic.

The tyres are Specialized own Trigger Sport 38mm tyres with small knobs for road, forest canal paths etc but are fast riding

I am struggling to pictures on here , put can send by email

We are selling as between myself and Partner we have too many bikes and this bike was not been used . we live in Kendal ,Cumbria

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Re: Specialized Cross Trail Elite disc Hybrid - Medium

Postby willcee » 8 Aug 2019, 8:18pm

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