SOLD - Salsa Casseroll 53cm

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SOLD - Salsa Casseroll 53cm

Postby teamonster » 18 Jun 2020, 3:53pm

Bought this 6 years ago as a "nearly new" bike, which I believe was a couple of years old but hadn't been ridden much. It's spent most of the time in a shed and only ridden a few time by my wife as she prefers her road bike and couldn't be tempted to tour. Purchase of more bikes by me, means I need to have a clearout. The bike is in pretty good condition with some minor chips on the paintwork and scuffs on bar tape where it has been leant against a wall. Comes with small Salsa front rack. It's a thing of beauty, but I can't justify keeping it when I need the space and it's not being used.

Believe it is the original 2012 spec
Pictures can be seen here

I'm in West London. (Now on Ebay accepting bids from £400)
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Re: Salsa Casseroll 53cm

Postby Amey » 20 Jun 2020, 6:30pm

Interested but cannot PM you

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