Lightweight Ladies Steel Touring Bike 19 Inch Frame. Sold.

For sale of complete bikes, trikes, recumbents ( minor missing components acceptable. e.g. no saddle, no pedals ). Please do NOT post bike bits here. They will be deleted.
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Re: Lightweight Ladies Steel Touring Bike 19 Inch Frame.

Postby Bonefishblues » 30 Sep 2020, 5:43pm

The utility cyclist wrote:
Bonefishblues wrote:
The utility cyclist wrote:It's not a Raleigh Royal Lady or Royale, Royale was a Mixte and the Royal Lady had different forks and the seat stay ends where they connect with the seat tube are different.

You're right - the treatment is slightly different ... eroica.htm

that's slightly different to ours, ours had RALEIGH impressed into the seat stays where they attached to the seat tube and inpainted white, same as one we had before. The older Royale was a Classy looking bike in orange

Good luck to seller, it looks like a nice get about.
raleigh stays.JPG

I know - my first wife had that model :lol:

...and I think we too had the embossed Raleigh script in that way for the Royal Lady for current wife's one.