Helmet recommendations?

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Helmet recommendations?

Postby himesgoli59 » 28 Dec 2020, 11:04am

I’m looking to replace my old helmet, but don’t know which to get. I was browsing through Mavic’s helmets and the price is reasonable. Are there any other brands I should consider? My budget is $200USD preferably $150ish. Thanks.
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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Jdsk » 28 Dec 2020, 11:41am

Where are you, please?



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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Vorpal » 28 Dec 2020, 12:23pm

The most important thing about helmets, if you feel it is important to wear one, is that it fits properly.

I normally recommend going round a few shops and trying them on until you find one that you are happy with. I don't know if this is permitted at the moment.

If not, I suggest going with a brand that you know fits you well.
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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Bonefishblues » 28 Dec 2020, 12:41pm

OP, do you already have a helmet? If so, put it on now (or not) :shock:

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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Graham » 28 Dec 2020, 1:43pm

. . . OP question originating from USA.

[ This forum is largely UK based. ]

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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby pjclinch » 28 Dec 2020, 5:46pm

Not as dumb a question as it may seem, but what's it for?

If you're doing downhill MTB you want full-face, if you're a serious roadie you'll probably be best off with something well vented, if it's for winter commuting a bucket-style is easier to stow and you don't need (or even want) the vents. For round town there are some quite elegant helmets-that-look-like-hats if you're in to the sartorial style thing.

Note that as far as safety goes most are built down to a standard: you can't equate price to safety. Money goes on making a lid lighter and better ventilated for the same strength. Safety-wise, if you can find a Snell B95 standard that's better than EN1078 which is the most widespread.

Regarding fit, as Vorpal said, make sure it does. A better fit gives better protection if all else is equal, and is more comfortable.

I don't use a helmet often (I'm an occasional mountain biker and sometime sport-coacher) so I'm happy with a cheap one that was in a supermarket offer as it fits me fine. It was about $15 and is built to the exact same safety standard as things 20 times the price cost. At the club I sometimes coach at, I certainly wasn't the only coach using that kind of helmet!

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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Steady rider » 29 Dec 2020, 10:26am

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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Audax67 » 29 Dec 2020, 11:18am

Vorpal wrote:The most important thing about helmets, if you feel it is important to wear one, is that it fits properly.

+1, in spades. I have 5 helmets (well, six if you count the one I broke by dint of hammering my head on the ground*). Two fit perfectly, one is OK but IMO doesn't offer enough protection at the front, and two are instruments of torture. These two, and the inadequate one, I bought on line.

The two that fit perfectly are both from Met, and I bought them in a shop. My head is long front to back so they may not suit a roundhead.

For winter riding I use my ordinary helmet and put on a rain cover, so that a cosy microclimate builds up underneath.

* yes dear, that's what happened.
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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby RainbowsArePretty » 6 Jan 2021, 3:32pm

My friend* tends to buy five at a time online and test them out...she recently bought some prescription sunglasses so now needs a different fitting helmet. She uses a large retailer to buy in bulk and return the ones she's not keeping (we're UK based).

*Yes, this really is my friend and not me :)

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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby jacobean » 7 Jan 2021, 12:52pm

Great comfortable solid helmets!


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Re: Helmet recommendations?

Postby Bonefishblues » 7 Jan 2021, 1:17pm

OP no longer exists.