Luck counts for more than a helmet

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Re: Luck counts for more than a helmet

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Adjunct Satyr wrote:
Cyril Haearn wrote:
Adjunct Satyr wrote:New to this. Genuinely intrigued... what injuries can wearing one cause?

Whatabout the children in your care? Are they expected to wear helmuts when cycling to school? Minusplus? Climbing frames have gaps big enough for a child's head to pass. A helmutted head is bigger, there may have been cases where a child got stuck, hanging by their head, unable to get free, no adult nearby to help, resulting in serious injury or worse

I have two lads, 16 and 12 and I’ve instructed them both to wear helmets, especially

I was thinking particularly of the children in your care at school, are they required to wear helmuts if cycling to school? Are they instructed to remove them when climbing trees or playing on climbing frames?

You could spend many happy hours reading about helmuts on these fora, someone did try to start a thread briefly summarising the arguments, but without success, the arguments are a bit complicated :?
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Re: Luck counts for more than a helmet


pjclinch wrote: 1 Apr 2021, 11:19am
NATURAL ANKLING wrote: Maybe you can explain to me why some people wear a seatbelt to comply with the law in UK, But then pull the vertical strap off the shoulder even under their arm :?
That would be for them to explain, can't speak for them.

But what it does show you is people will dream up all sorts of rather spurious things when it comes to risk. As Robert Heinlein put it:
“Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.
It is entirely normal for people to go with what their gut feeling tells them they want to do, and maybe retro-fit some reasoning in later . ... attle-r67/

"However, data-driven decisions may not always be the way out of a situation. People who are not brain-washed or are not entirely influenced by the data can see things in an entirely different perspective and can generate ideas that expertise may drive out of one’s brain. This may be seen in situations of business crisis – where to turnaround a business the top management is changed and new people from within the company or outside is brought to bring in an entirely fresh perspective."
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Re: Luck counts for more than a helmet

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Wish I had worn mine Friday and Saturday, Fidy I was banging in fence posts with a 20 kilo tubular banger. Posts went in a bit to easily so I missed read how low they had got and lifted the bnager off the post, over my head and then onto it. Saw stars, got tangkled up in teh brambles and wire and had lump like an egg. Saturday was not my fault . :D Dad has a very stroppy ram. Big bugger. He breaks out of one gate which, typical of Dad, is poorly made and fragile. It has been "improved" by a staple and pin at the bottom. Outside the gate are some steep rough steps into a foot path. I was bending down to use the staple and looking at that not the bloody ram. He butted the gate hard enough to break it, clout me in the head and send me **** over *** into the path. 4 whopping great grazes from forehead to nose.
Couldn't wear my cycle helmet Sunday as my head was swollen in two place where the manin helmet band sits.
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Re: Luck counts for more than a helmet

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Get well soon.

And do let us know when the sheep jokes would be appreciated. : - )

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Re: Luck counts for more than a helmet

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A mate asked me how the latter set of scars arrived. My initial, reactive response was very rude, had two words, the second was sheep and the first was a swear word, all to commonly used, that is an alternative to sex. He suggested that if that was what I was doing then I was lucky the injuries were not worse. I had to explain that my two word comment was my feelings towards the damn animal not my activities at the time of injury.
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Re: Luck counts for more than a helmet

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I’ve always said them tubular bangers are dangerous :wink:
Got the chance to use one once. I did one stob and went back to swinging a mell.
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