Evaluating the impact of cycle helmet use...

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Re: Evaluating the impact of cycle helmet use...

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pjclinch wrote: 16 Jul 2020, 8:39am Most typically cycling according to the National Standards for Cycle Training is seen as using 2 positions, Primary and Secondary. Secondary is a whole can of worms as to where it effectively is (I was involved in a consultation over teaching positioning earlier this year, it's not just a case of cut and paste from Cyclecraft) but Primary is generally reasonably easy to pin down as the middle of your lane.
(The Cycling Scotland position teaching looks to be heading for a Secondary that's taught as at least a metre, rather than Cyclecraft's 50cm)
Interesting definitions...
I generally work on the basis of whether I choose to cycle in the left tyre track (secondary) or the right tyre track (primary) on the road - I do sometimes take the centreline of the lane, but it's not that often (usually not a great surface, and often slightly raised compared with either side, so it doesn't really hold the trike)
Although on a 'bent (especially a trike) it's very rare to get bad close passes (comparing between the same cyclist riding the same commute on mixed vehicles for a several years).

I do make sure that I return to secondary when it's (potentially) safe for the following vehicle to overtake, and obviously avoid the road craters as best I can.
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Re: Evaluating the impact of cycle helmet use...

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thirdcrank wrote: 10 Jun 2021, 2:16pm
The utility cyclist wrote: 11 Jul 2020, 8:34am
All helmet wearers and those that push for people to wear them whilst cycling do massive harm to society as a whole never mind other people riding bikes helmeted or not. That's not opinion, it's a fact.
I'm not sure if it's good form to quote this as the poster seems to have left the forum but he's also been a strong supporter of the environment for cyclists in Denmark. A little bird sent me this helmet promotion propaganda published by the Danish Road Safety Council.

I thought that was rather funny, but of course it is promoting helmets. The Danish equivalent of the DfT & highways authorities have generally been pretty keen to promote helmets. I suspect that is one of the reasons Danish researchers study why they shouldn't. :lol:
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