A funny thing happened .......

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A funny thing happened .......

Postby pwa » 17 Sep 2015, 9:26am

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago whilst I was in a café at the cycle park near Gravesend. There was a family at a nearby table, including young children. A boy, aged about 6, managed (as children do) to tip his chair backwards. He banged his head on the floor. Lots of loud crying and consoling words from his mum. Later, when all the fuss had died down and the lunch was finished, his mum turned to the task of putting his cycle helmet on. As she fiddled with the clasp under his chin she said "We should have put this on when you were doing something really dangerous, like sitting on a chair."

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Re: A funny thing happened .......

Postby pjclinch » 17 Sep 2015, 10:13am

It illustrates how falling over and banging your head on the floor tends to be painful, but not fatal, as well as the rather strange double standards applied to PPE for cycling.

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Re: A funny thing happened .......

Postby Si » 17 Sep 2015, 10:20am

I observed one the other day - at a cycling event where there was a closed road family course but the PTB had decreed that one had to wear a plastic hat to ride on it.

The only bloke I saw fall off all day was a guy who'd borrowed a helmet so that he could do the ride and then managed to fall off due to fiddling with the straps and not paying attention to where he was riding! Well, at least no one said "good thing you had a helmet on" when we picked him up.