Good Grief!

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Good Grief!

Postby TonyR » 5 Oct 2015, 9:38pm

A Transport Minister that actually seems to be interested in cycling and knows what he's talking about. And listening to Boardman to boot. Maybe there is hope! ... t-minister

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Re: Good Grief!

Postby pjclinch » 6 Oct 2015, 8:42am

His predecessor Norman Baker was clued in as well (joining CB on TV to say he rode without a helmet on the grounds cycling's not that dangerous), though RG is harder to dismiss as a token Lib Dem.

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Re: Good Grief!

Postby MartinC » 6 Oct 2015, 8:43am

Yes, it's encouraging. :D Surely he knows that cycling "furiously" is an offence?

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Re: Good Grief!

Postby Si » 6 Oct 2015, 9:10am

Tentatively encouraging......he is commenting on the balance of benefits debate rather than the "do they actually work?" debate which he seems to take as read as a "yes".

Also, this is the man who claimed that there is no such thing as a bad cycle path. So not that enlightened.