Not My Club Too???

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Re: Not My Club Too???

Postby Psamathe » 17 Dec 2015, 5:10pm

Heltor Chasca wrote:
TonyR wrote:
NUKe wrote:But we have Tigerbitten somewhere on here

An application of Tiger Balm should sort that out :wink:

Youch! I'm a confirmed/addicted user. Red and white...b

On a more serious note, does it actually do any good. I remember seeing one of these popular TV GP'y programs (the thing where a few doctors "investigate" a few things) and one item was about these types of treatments for muscle strains. Can't remember the details but the conclusion was that they don't help (I think they were testing Deep Heat or similar rather than Tiger Balm). Asked physios I've visited and they all say that all they do is distract you from the discomfort (and smell a lot). I've also tried those NSAID creams (hoping that applying them to the affected area might be more effective than treating the entire body with a pill) and found them (as well as the pills) completely ineffective. So I'm a big sceptic but would love to find something that helps.

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Re: Not My Club Too???

Postby Heltor Chasca » 17 Dec 2015, 5:21pm

I'll join for a bit on the thread drift. I think the burning sensation detracts from the pain sometimes. I also like the smell. I use another Indian product called Madivhalla which I prefer and it 'feels' like it helps. My favourite alternative treatment is comfrey oil. I am certain it works. I'm not sure I care if it is having a placebo affect or not, I'm just pretty happy I'm not funding a corrupt pharmaceutical giant. I'll always try natural products first...

...but the Green Oil bike products may be the exception, but that's another story...b

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Re: Not My Club Too???

Postby AlaninWales » 17 Dec 2015, 5:42pm

Dagger fencing at a medieval Martial Arts convention, my facemask got bashed back onto my nose resulting in lots of blood coming out of the mask! It was only the inside of the mesh grazing the skin on my nose, but it bled a lot and as I was sweating, plasters souldn't stick, nothing would stop it. Then I tried the Tiger Balm :shock: - stopped it instantly! Not saying it would work on arterial bleeds, but it worked then!

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Re: Not My Club Too???

Postby CJ » 1 Jan 2016, 4:34pm

What happened to you in you In July?
I was cycling home and decided to take a scenic route, taking the quieter back roads when I felt my bike suddenly jolt to the left.

I can’t remember anything from that point. I know there were no other vehicles involved, so I assume I must have struck a stone in the roadway and came off. The next thing I remember were the voices of the Air Ambulance paramedics . . .

What strikes me about this is the victim's complete denial/lack of interest in what actually CAUSED his accident and all of his injuries.

Admittedly it isn't easy and might not even be possible to do the forensics over this, but "I must have struck a stone in the roadway" seems to me a feeble reason to lose control of a bike. Of course I do generally try to avoid loose stones, who wouldn't, they're uncomfortable to ride over, but I've ridden over plenty of them and don't worry that one will fetch me off. Most of my riding however, has been on bikes with tyres of at least 32mm width, and more usually 37mm since road conditions have got worse. When I occasionally ride a bike with narrower tyres they never feel as sure-footed, especially in the rough.

I guess some of us respond to deteriorating conditions by going further out of our way to avoid fast/busy main roads, whilst adopting wider tyres to cope with the ill-maintained surfaces of back roads and so-called bike-paths, whilst others hope that a helmet will save them.
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Re: Not My Club Too???

Postby Steady rider » 1 Jan 2016, 5:05pm

viewtopic.php?f=41&t=102512 ... ubmissions

Submission 4.2 Appendix A may be of interest, Table 1 on the last page.

Ps potholes, UK defines 300mm x 40 mm deep, I think the figures are, too dangerous really. Once more than 200mm x 20 mm it should be repaired.