Cycling CHIPS

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Cycling CHIPS

Postby Steady rider » 18 May 2016, 4:20pm

I had an email today about Bike Week and details where rides could be registered. One idea, you may laugh, is to registry a Cycling CHIPS event, Chips = CHoice In Personal Safety, meaning riders who particularly support personal choice in wearing hats, helmets or hi vis or not wearing etc could join the ride, but any cyclists could also join if they wish or even anyone who likes chips.

The details would be a 3 day ride, York to Hawes, Hawes to Grinton, Grinton to York, Wednesday to Friday during Bike Week. Leaving York station at 9.00am. (arriving back in York for the York Rally weekend). Knaresborough riverside at about 11.00am.
Individuals can list events,

In time CHIPS cycling groups could be useful to oppose any daft ideas about imposing unsuitable legislation.