Deer oh deer...

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Deer oh deer...

Postby kwackers » 29 Aug 2016, 4:45pm

If anything should convince one to wear an helmet, perhaps this should?

Perhaps being kicked in the head by a deer is precisely the sort of accident that helmets are good for, after all being hit by a hoof sounds just like the 'hemispheric anvil' tests that helmets are tested against!

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Re: Deer oh deer...

Postby thirdcrank » 29 Aug 2016, 4:49pm

You might also wear a sou'wester. (That would protect you against the rain, dear.)

:oops: :oops: :oops:

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Re: Deer oh deer...

Postby reohn2 » 29 Aug 2016, 5:20pm

Expensive mistake :shock:
Good job it didn't make contact with a suitcase that would've really unpacked him :?

Story alert:-
Some year ago on the tandem near Kirby Lonsdale riding along a lane with drystone walls either side.Two deer bounded over the wall from our left and only seemed to touch ground before bounding over the wall on our right,we were on a slight descent and were doing approx 20mph,they were about 5m in front of us but it seemed a lot closer,I'd no chance to do anything it happened so quick and they were gone.
A couple of miles further on we stopped and agreed it could've been disastrous :shock:
I cycle therefore I am.

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Re: Deer oh deer...

Postby Graham » 29 Aug 2016, 6:20pm

This topic reminded me of a forum classic from several years back . . . . .

Lawrie9 wrote:I was camping in some forest in the Scottish Highlands not far from a loch and quite near a single track railway when I heard an almighty roar. I don't know if it was The Loch Ness Monster, a wild boar, a dear or what. It sounded very scary at the time. I have wondered if it was some recorded noise to keep animals off the railway.

james01 wrote:
Lawrie9 wrote: I don't know if it was ....... a dear

Is this some kind of camp Scottish character?


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Re: Deer oh deer...

Postby gaz » 4 Sep 2016, 9:25pm

Caption: "SMIDSY, I'd no eye deer you were there."

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Re: Deer oh deer...

Postby Slick » 4 Sep 2016, 9:53pm

My mate said he could get me 8 haunches of venison for 50 quid.

Is that too deer? :D

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Re: Deer oh deer...

Postby niggle » 28 Sep 2016, 11:43am

Slick wrote:My mate said he could get me 8 haunches of venison for 50 quid.

Is that too deer? :D

More likely to have been four :wink: