Police advice to wear cycle helmets

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Wanlock Dod
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Re: Police advice to wear cycle helmets

Postby Wanlock Dod » 11 Oct 2017, 11:25am

When a local lady suffered a serious head injury whilst walking to the shop it was put forward as a reason for me to wear a cycling helmet, but nobody considered that it had any effect on the potential risks associated with walking to the shop. Nobody considered it ironic at all.

Cycling is dangerous and needs a special hat, walking to the shop is not dangerous and doesn't require any safety equipment at all.

Steady rider
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Re: Police advice to wear cycle helmets

Postby Steady rider » 11 Oct 2017, 12:51pm

http://www.victoriawalks.org.au/Assets/ ... Report.pdf
Globally, falls are a major public health problem. Each year an estimated 37.3 million falls are severe enough to require medical attention and 424,000 fatal falls occur.


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Re: Police advice to wear cycle helmets

Postby Zigster » 23 Oct 2017, 11:02am

softlips wrote:... just about everyone I know who skis wears one.

I find ski helmets quite interesting in the same way as cycle helmets. I've been skiing for about 35 years now and never worn a helmet. Due to young children, I've only been three times in the last ten years and have been amazed by how quickly helmets have changed from being something which only young kids in ski schools wear to being much more prevalent than cycling helmets. An old photo from a late 1990s ski-trip popped up on facebook last week and not a one of us was wearing a helmet.

But I thought ski helmets were subject to the same challenges as cycle helmets - a review of the data doesn't seem to demonstrate they are as essential as many people assume.
https://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/01/spor ... uries.html