Next target for the zealots? Scooters

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Next target for the zealots? Scooters

Postby FatBat » 28 Jan 2019, 9:09am ... -proves-it

My summary:

Researchers found 249 cases in one year of injuries associated with electric scooters in cities where "many thousands of riders are using electric scooters every day". Of those "nearly 92%" were riding scooters at the time. Let's say that is 229. Of those, "only 10*" were documented as wearing a helmet at the time. 10 out of 228 is about 4.4%. They then claim that "nearly 95%" of riders were not wearing helmets in a series of public observation sessions. Without doing the maths, it seems to me that the helmet wearing riders are just as likely to be involved in an accident as everyone else, i.e. not very.

Of course, Frederick Rivara (of Thompson, Rivara and Thompson fame) has an opinion. No prizes for guessing what it is.

* If you read the actual paper, it says "Only 10 riders were documented as wearing a helmet, constituting 4.4% of all riders or 11.9% of riders whose helmet use status was documented". If the 11.9% figure is representative, then one could deduce helmet wearing is twice as a prevelent amongst those who were injured than in the general population.