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Typical helmet logic (video)

Posted: 6 Mar 2019, 5:15pm
by thelawnet ... 2206942059

You don't really need to watch the whole video, the first 2 minutes is just the motorcyclist driving like a complete idiot in terrible weather, and then they fall off after trying to drive very fast through a monsoon torrent. It ends with 'tell all your friends on bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, helmets, save lives'

The riders seem to fall off and skid along the road on their leathers, which clearly save them a substantial quantity of skin. And THAT would be a good message for Asian motorcycle riders as lots ride around in shorts & t-shirt. But strangely they overlook that in favour of 'helmets save lives'. It is not clear from the video if there is any contact between the helmet and ground, but I suspect not. Also, the passenger has a backpack on, which seems to have helped keep her (helmet-enlarged) head from hitting the ground.

It seems fairly typical helmet logic. Crash, wearing a helmet, don't die? Must be the helmet.

Re: Typical helmet logic (video)

Posted: 8 Mar 2019, 10:22am
by pjclinch
We had an alternative "logic" in the local paper recently. Lad riding home from school, lost control, left the pavement, hit a bus. He wasn't wearing a helmet, went to hospital with cuts to his scalp and a broken wrist. His dad used this as a basis of a plea for everyone to wear helmets.