Where have all the helmets gone....?

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Re: Where have all the helmets gone....?

Postby Cunobelin » 23 Jun 2019, 11:04am

I always love the "Thudguard"


It mirrors exactly the helmet argument from medical endorsement through the "Thudguard saved my child's life" anecdotes and the emotional blackmail of "unless your child wears one of these they will become a vegetable"

Yet people who unequivocally accept those arguments for cycle helmets repudiate the same criteria for this (apparently very silly) protective equipment

After all to quote the head of the Accident and Emergency Doctors "Professional body":

It is a pleasure to support the 'Thudguard' in my capacity as President of the British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine. Any device which helps to reduce the number of head injuries sustained by young children each year is most welcome

John Heyworth
British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine

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Re: Where have all the helmets gone....?

Postby Cunobelin » 23 Jun 2019, 11:07am

Tangled Metal wrote:How can you determine whether v wearing a chicken helmet saved a life or not wearing one cost a life?

My son went to A&E with what's known as a green stick fracture of the bone near the elbow. Whilst telling us this diagnosis (after seeing the x-ray) the consultant asked of he was wearing a helmet. The answer to the negative got the consultant telling us this accident might not have happened if he'd been wearing a helmet. I was the model of restraint. I do regret not asking him if he should wear one on each elbow or would one on the head stop the broken elbow.

Doctors are idiots around cyclists wearing helmets at times. Just like some ordinary people. Cycle helmets are pathetic bits of polystyrene hats. Motorbike helmets offer real head protection. Horse riding helmets offer real protection. Cycle helmets are not designed for the real time use they get. Motorbike and horse riding helmets are designed for their real time use.

Dispite having those views I still choose to wear helmets on occasion. I have my reasons. That is basically that, if you want to wear a helmet wear one otherwise don't. I get the feeling CUK has the attitude too, unlike BC I think. Showing cyclists with it without helmets in their magazine isn't supporting our promoting helmet use, it's just showing cyclists. The use of the image is about the cycling not the helmet.

Lets also not forget that these are rarely photographs taken for the cover. They are stock photographs selected to fit the illustrate the content

As I understand it the decision of whether a helmet is worn or not is more likely to be whether there is a cost to using the image or not!

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Re: Where have all the helmets gone....?

Postby reohn2 » 23 Jun 2019, 11:10am

Off topic:-
Mick F wrote:They seem a tad too wide for him.
Find the bones in front of your shoulders where your arms fit in.
Measure between the lumps, not the outside of your shoulders.

No Mick,they maybe too wide for your taste because you're used to riding a narrow dropbar,other people have other ideas about handlebars,which doesn't mean you're right and they're wrong just that different people have different opinions on handlebars.
That's why there are so many different handlebars shapes and sizes,not just different widths.