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Re: Four year old killed by bike helmet.

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 1:59pm
by mikeymo
Bonefishblues wrote:A 4 year old was killed by hanging in a neighbouring village and is the sad subject of this thread. There are other thread to have these fights on guys.

The sad subject has been used as something for the anti-helmet brigade to push their agenda. They will stoop to any disgusting level to attempt to "prove" their case. And the tragic death of a four year old is fair game, as far as they are concerned.

You could take it up with the forum member who started the thread. Or even with the clearly anti-helmet "moderators" whose totally ineffective "moderating" allows this same discussion to occur over and over again. But as that isn't going to happen, then I think it's quite allowable for the rest of us to challenge the fixed mindset they exhibit towards anybody who doesn't agree with their standpoint.

Re: Four year old killed by bike helmet.

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 4:11pm
by Manc33
Climbing trees unsupervised at 4 years old...

Re: Four year old killed by bike helmet.

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 5:47pm
by boris
Anti-helmetism is hardly ever that. The helmet zealots want compulsion by law and by every other means , with some pretty nasty implications. So they have to be contradicted wherever possible by anyone that can bothered to argue with them. Thank you to all those that do , on behalf of us all.

Re: Four year old killed by bike helmet.

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 7:23pm
by Bonefishblues
Meanwhile a child died in tragic circumstances, but that seems secondary to the usual fighting. That's why I didn't start a thread about it.

There's a sad predictability about this Forum sometimes. At least one or two of us tried to do something positive, having learned something as a result of the tragedy. :(

Re: Four year old killed by bike helmet.

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 10:31pm
by Vorpal
mikeymo wrote:
Vorpal wrote:And partly because there is mixed or limited supporting evidence to supprot the use of some PPE (e.g. toetectors)

I dropped a pneumatic drill on my toe once, wearing ordinary wellies.

It felt like evidence to me.

Most safety equipment has advantages and disadvantages. Those for which there are data, almost always have a mixed bag. There are very few examples of PPE for which there is an overwhelming body of evidence about their usefulness.

Toetectors are certainly useful in some situations. They work exactly as designed in the situation you experienced. You won't find me arguing against that. And furthermore, they generally improve worker outcomes. But there are many, many examples of foot problems and conditions caused by wearing toetectors, many companies are not rigourous about ensuring they are in good condition, and do not replace them often enough. Toetectors are also required in some situations where they can actually make things worse. For example, a company I worked for had several incidents where workers dropped metal sheets in such a way that they landed on the edge of the steel caps in their boots, and the injuries were made worse because the steel caps were crushed into their feet. Although the company changed the work process, they were not able to completely eliminate the risk, and consequently changed the footwear reuirements. I read a study some years ago about jobs and circumstances where they should not be required, but normally are. Unfortunately, I do not remember the title, and cannot find anything like it now.