I find his videos frightening

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I find his videos frightening

Postby downfader » 29 Dec 2010, 7:37pm



From the acted out display on camera, which makes him look like something of a scientologist, he comes across as someone who wishes to pronounce his "religeon" upon others. "Passion" and "spiritual lesson" are mentioned. He also talks little of the "many lives saved", no figures to back this up. One frightening comment he left in reply to someone was such:

Our passion and research has saved thousands of lives. Speed is more of an environmental concern than safety* as studies show that there are fewer accidents on roads with higher posted speeds because of less differentiation between drivers. Cycling saves lives by improving the cyclist's health, reducing traffic congestion, and reducing pollution. Our efforts to promote bicycle helmet safety demonstrate a commitment to making cycling a safe and effective alternative for commuters.

brianmeshkin 3 years ago

*my reply, I said that impact force increases for one, and that many faster roads around the world dont allow cyclists on them (Autobahn iirc, certainly the motorways here)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54UlLowc-5o Another video, this time a news broadcast. $127 for not wearing a helmet. Thats about a £70 fine in the UK. How exactly does it benefit others to fine people so much for something that may in the very long run, if ever proven, only damage the individual concerned?

It'd be like being told "we're changing the law on entering low doorways, you must wear a helmet for that incase you bang your head!" You'd stand there and say: but I never bang my head, I can just duck.