Helmets and bike share

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Re: Helmets and bike share

Postby horizon » 30 Sep 2014, 3:47pm

Car sharing IMV usually means lierally sharing the ownership of one car or lift sharing. I know it's splitting hairs but I think the users of bike sharing (not the OP BTW, he took it from his link) are trying to say something nice but at the same time muddying the water. There is no mention of bike sharing on the Wikipedia entry and AFAIK, the London scheme is absolutely a bike hire - no-one is sharing anything with anybody. Train and bus sharing would be equally ridiculous as would cafe seat sharing etc etc. A shared use pavement implies that both parties (the cyclist amd pedestrian) have a right to use it and this right is shared so IMV it makes sense (awful thought it is). Maybe roads could become "shared" roads (i.e. cars and cyclists).
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