Good old Enoch

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Re: Good old Enoch

Postby maxcherry » 12 May 2015, 8:42pm

Bicycler wrote:
maxcherry wrote:So Enoch wanted to keep the country 'White and English' and the bloodline untainted unlike America.

You are drawing conclusions there which I'd argue can't be drawn from what he said. In particular he didn't suggest different treatment of white and non-white immigrants. You have added a concern for racial purity which is absent in his speech; he does not mention 'bloodlines' or inter-breeding (in fact he bemoans how mass immigration discourages integration). The American problem he does not want to see replicated is not racial impurity but racial tension and violence (bear in mind the time he was speaking - US racial tensions were big news in the 1960s).

I'm not saying 'Enoch was right', nor defend the speech, but his words do need to be read in context bearing in mind the times and without us putting words into his mouth

Sorry for the way it is taken. My reply was in the title 'Good ole Enoch' and not towards the format of the thread in which it should have been. My fault in allowing my contempt for a person take precedence over what the OP was discussing, which is 'Helmets'
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Re: Good old Enoch

Postby Bicycler » 12 May 2015, 8:44pm

Not many of us have been discussing helmets :oops:

Is this the first case of a non-helmet topic derailing a helmet thread :wink: