Theft from campsites

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Re: Theft from campsites

Postby mercalia » 7 Sep 2019, 7:11pm

Sweep wrote:You took a chef on a camping trip?
This is another world.
Which deserves a thread of its own.

and a butler to clean your gear after a muddy day?

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Re: Theft from campsites

Postby robing » 8 Sep 2019, 6:59am

NUKe wrote:
robing wrote:
IaninSheffield wrote:[What site were you on Rob?

Felleries municipal camping in the Avesnois Parc in France.

Know it well surprised you had issues there. But you can issues anywhere I suppose.

There was some sort of fair going on next door, maybe someone from there.

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Re: Theft from campsites

Postby Caledonia64 » 12 Sep 2019, 12:36pm

Mike Sales wrote:
landsurfer wrote:
phil parker wrote: "we still felt violated "

I have a concept issue with this statement ... we have been burgled 3 times ... the sheds twice.
On 2 occasions the criminal entered our house ... Victim Support ( possibly a contradiction in terms ) told us they would help in overcoming the effects of being violated ... baffles me ... don't get it ... someone came in .. took stuff .. left ....
No, still don't get the "violated " thing ......
Must be missing the gene, like i'm missing the "football" gene ..

I have been burgled too, and I did not feel violated. I am prepared to believe that some people do.

I might feel a bit off if it were my from my house and if it were items of little monetary worth to most but of special value to me, things I have had all my life type items (like the brass top indian table from my Grannie's house, or the dressing table set), or if something similar were broken. I'd not feel violate (I think) if it were electronics ...though maybe if it were the still working hi-fi from 1992 though I doubt anyone would steal electronics I have at home most being very old.