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Re: Tarp talk

Postby ericonabike » 28 Sep 2015, 6:23pm

Still at planning stage - the only definite s are that:

- it starts on 31 May with a ferry to Santander [booked] then either train or coach to Vigo
- the bike will be my Presto Lite [a small conceit, no pun intended, to do it this way plus it fits on any train, coach or cat boot]
- it will follow Lee's route until I either get to Cadiz ir run out of time! [three weeks max away I think].

Lee 'wildcamped' between towns and stayed in flophouses in towns. Am looking to do much the same but in better hotels! The camping bit will require a trailer, which I have, but have yet to lug it up hills behind the Presto. As I say, still many options, but it's great fun narrowing them down!
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Re: Tarp talk

Postby hornet » 5 Nov 2015, 11:24am

I am looking into designing my own tarp/cape but this is for hiking in Turkey when rain is not normally expected and weight is vital.
The Gatewood tarp/cape looks interesting.
The older I get the lighter I must travel !
For cycle camping I feel I can travel a little heavier and use a Hilleberg Atko.
Especially in the UK when weather is so changeable.
Anyone interested in assisting with ideas please reply.

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Re: Tarp talk

Postby go4it » 1 Mar 2016, 3:15pm

Just finished reading LL for third time!!! don't forget your violin!!I envy you I wish I was a tad fitter. I am trying Nederlands instead. Have a really great time.