down quilts

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Re: down quilts

Postby Tangled Metal » 18 Jul 2017, 9:43am

One day only, tomorrow. It's old specs but TBH nothing that makes much difference. It's still top notch kit.

Basically it's 900 not 950 fill power down. That's a higher rating than you could get once so still really good. It's 5g lighter. It's got the m1 fabric instead of the ul mx fabric that's really light but a bit too shiny for my liking. It'll have the same stitch through design with the same tabs and features. No size mentioned but it'll be to the same template.

If you think the newer version has features you want then it's £260 you need to spend. Not worth it IMHO. Of course the £115 eBay seller down quilt is an even cheaper option but wasn't it 650 fill power? Budget down but saves £34.60 on the PHD quilt bought tomorrow so a choice.

I've noticed up in the lakes PHD kit is appearing more frequently. It does look understated and good quality. Then it is what you'd expect from the guy who helped make the reputation of mountain equipment down products back in the day.