Replacing Fibre glass tent poles !

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Re: Replacing Fibre glass tent poles !

Postby hoppy58 » 3 Jan 2018, 2:18pm

I recently bought a 4 metre long 8.5mm aluminium tent pole on ebay, direct from china for about £12.00...if you go to ebay and search for replacement aluminium poles under the camping section, then loads of sizes and lengths come up. The majority of small tents use 8.5mm diameter, not sure what size you'd be after - best check first. The pole took about 2 weeks to come from China.

You can also get repair sleeves to place over each side of a broken pole section

The reason I bought one was to cannibilise it and use some of the sections for replacing broken pole sections on my Vango spirit 200+ - and I have loads of sections left over the future!

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Re: Replacing Fibre glass tent poles !

Postby crazydave789 » 4 Jan 2018, 12:00am

many tents are scrapped because they use seam tape that fails all on its own.

find one of these for peanuts, pull off the tape and seal it with a silicone/spirit paste.

Ivor Tingting
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Re: Replacing Fibre glass tent poles !

Postby Ivor Tingting » 4 Jan 2018, 12:27am

Fibre glass poles are used in cheap small tents and cheaper bigger family tents. They are not as strong as alloy and certainly not as durable as DAC poles and definitely a lot heavier. I would not spend any more time or money on what is probably not worth repairing and buy yourself a decent tent with alloy, preferably DAC poles which are the strongest and lightest poles.
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Re: Replacing Fibre glass tent poles !

Postby Tangled Metal » 4 Jan 2018, 8:20am

You can buy good, branded poles (DAC, Tuna, Easton, etc.) from certain online tent suppliers. I've been directed to one in a thread where I asked about tarp poles.

The site I visited had all the components of tent poles that any DIYer could ask for. As an example, 9mm DAC pressfit pole sections in a wide variety of section lengths, connectors, pole endings, elastics, etc. Just pick exactly what you need to build up your required tent. Whatever thickness you think you need, it's there. Whatever model of DAC pole you want, it's there.

I wish I could remember the company I visited since I need a custom tarp pole. As always I stumble or get directed to very interesting sites from very varied forum sites only to fail to bookmark (didn't need/use at the time) only to forget about the company when I do need them. If your Google skills are good I'm sure you'll find it. IIRC a German company or American.

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Re: Replacing Fibre glass tent poles !

Postby hondated » 4 Jan 2018, 6:09pm

Thank you again to all those that have responded. I am sure that I will now be able to resolve the problem in a cost effective way and hopefully others will find this thread useful as well.