Price points for sleeping bags, any ideas

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Re: Price points for sleeping bags, any ideas

Postby irc » 19 Apr 2019, 11:30am

PHD sale is on until April 25th. The 430g Minim 200 at £222. Rated by PHD at 6c. Though I've used mine below freezing by wearing a hat and a fleece inside the bag.

Not cheap but for anyone who is a non standard size custom lengths and widths are available for a few quid more. (or same price in the case of a short or narrow bag) Long wide is a perfect fit for me. A small person could get a short slim bag which gets the weight down to 372g. 200g is the standard down fill weight which is increased or decreased for larger or smaller bags. ... p36gq8ldf4

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Re: Price points for sleeping bags, any ideas

Postby Gattonero » 20 Apr 2019, 2:18pm

Aside from those ultra-low prices of some chain retailers -which makes you think how the products are done- the DIY path is most often the one that will allow better quality for less money.
All it needs is someone with a sewing machine and some experience in sewing, a quilt is actually very easy to do, a full sleeping bag is a bit more complicated but it can be good fun. There's good synthetic insulation out there, that plus the fabric will cost no more than £70-80
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Re: Price points for sleeping bags, any ideas

Postby freiston » 23 Apr 2019, 12:07am

I was in the market for a new sleeping bag last year and decided to buy two. I wanted synthetic and bought a Berghaus Intrepid 700 for summer/warmer conditions use - it is rated as 9°C comfort and 5°C limit, it packs very small and is very light. I often unzip it and use it like a quilt. For colder conditions, I got a Vango Ultralite Pro 300 which is heavier and bulkier (but not massive) and is comfort rated at -1°C with a limit of -6°C. In the unlikely event of me ever needing a sleeping bag in colder conditions, I will look at thermal liners and/or extra quilting from clothing. I managed to get both bags in sales and so only spent about £105 on the two in total. A quick google gives the Berghaus at £50 (reduced from £75) from Millets and the Vango at £77 with discount card from Go Outdoors (£110 without card).
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Re: Price points for sleeping bags, any ideas

Postby Aquila » 24 Apr 2019, 11:17pm

I bought a down 3 season bag from millets ... g-bag.html

£42 i've only used it once so far and the temperature was down to -1 no complaints at all .. Im 6"1 and needed a tall bag at 220cm was also one of tallest bags i could find. .... Its an option if it's bang for buck your looking for.