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Re: Camping Pillow

Postby DaveFY7 » 23 May 2019, 9:02am

Thermarest Stuff Sack Pillow

I have tried inflatable pillows but prefer my Thermarest stuff sack pillow. A dual purpose weight saver. I use it to stow my evening clothes when on tour. The brushed surface is pleasant in use and doesn't move about in the night.

"The Thermarest Stuff Sack Pillow is a multi purpose stuff sack, that you can use for your sleeping bag or clothes, Turn it inside out and fill it with soft clothing, and hey presto! a great camping pillow, that you didn't even notice carrying in. It's a simple idea that ultilises something you're already going to be carrying on your backpacking adventure - the humble stuff sack

The interior of the stuff sack is a soft brushed polyester, for warmth and comfort as a pillow. The exterior is light, tough and very water resistant 20D siliconised Cordura nylon."

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Re: Camping Pillow

Postby PH » 23 May 2019, 10:06am

In addition to the pillow (I use a stuff sack) I also put something under the end of the mat, as well as reducing the size of pillow needed, it also stops it escaping off the end of the mat in the night.

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Re: Camping Pillow

Postby Vorpal » 23 May 2019, 1:08pm

Down packs well & is very light.

Years ago, I made two down camping pillows by taking a normal pillow, shoving the down to both ends, and sewing a couple of times up the middle, then cutting them apart.

Alternatively, Thermarest and a couple of other companies sell down camping pillows. Thermarest's allows you to add clothes (under the down pillow) if the down is not enough. Kind of the best of both worlds.
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