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Re: Camping Websites

Postby phil parker » 26 Aug 2019, 6:45pm

mercalia wrote:These YHA offer camping at resonable prices that also includes use of the facilities for "free" ... 7F,PH3Q7,1

There is only one in Suffolk - Blaxhall

Thanks for the link - a useful site/page having them all in one place. So much better facilities than a campsite alone when cycle-camping - I used the one at Tongue and had to pay a bit extra to use the facilities (than camping alone), but it was worth every penny. I don't use YHA as I'm embarrassed about my snoring! Otherwise, a great and useful facility.

I used to do a lot [more than I do now] cycle-camping touring and as other have said, regardless of the quotes on their websites, I always phone first and ask if they have a 'backpackers rate'? 9 times out of 10 I will get a positive response. One campsite in Cornwall replied, when I informed them there would be two of us in one-man tents, cycling, "it's normally £22.50 per night, per tent, but that's no good for you is it? How does £12 for the two of you sound?" C&CC sites are good and my preference if there is one available as you get a set standard quality at a good price. Holiday resorts, popular tourist-spots and the South/South-West of England are the most difficult places to get a backpacker rate or a bargain.