Double sleeping bags - what do you use?

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Re: Double sleeping bags - what do you use?

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 4 Aug 2014, 9:00pm

Mummy pair ...good........with opposite zips and best of all worlds.
Whatever you want to fill it with.....your choice.
If you are allready carrying a maybe oversized over weight bag then you can pick either fill.

Sleeping bags are intended to work best on your own.
Also consider that most sports bags are a close fit, so check the chest width :!:
80 cm is just ok for a 12 stone man but you sleep with arms close to you, actually one at you side and one across you tummy.
Otherwise it is tight..........that means cold spots so consider that a larger bag will be a tad heavier too.
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Re: Double sleeping bags - what do you use?

Postby b1galus » 5 Aug 2014, 8:29pm

got myself a down quilt from PHD ultra light and very cosy no zips , no faff just keeps you warm and snuggly

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Re: Double sleeping bags - what do you use?

Postby PT1029 » 25 Aug 2014, 6:32pm

I'm another down fan. In leaky karrimore panniers, sleeping bag double wrapped in (sturdy) plastic bags, never got wet. Now use ortleib panniers, never gets wet.
My old/previous tent had a risk of the foot end of the sleeping bag getting damp - tent condensation + feet pushing against the sloping side of the tent - put my gortex jacket over the end of the sleeping bag, problem solved.
Never got my down bag wet in 30 years, except slightly damp foot end prior to using gortex jacket cure above.

We use LH and RH zipped bags with a double silk sheet liner, rarely too cold, often a bit hot. I started a thread on double sheet liners at some point ages ago*.
Synthetic has the advantage of being more damp tolerant, but I've alse been on holiday with friends who have 30% (1 rear pannier) occupied with their sleeping bag..... down is sooo much more compact.

Its almost never frosty when I go camping, so +1 - +5 deg C is enough. Get a 3 season bag and you'll be sweating buckets in summer. A double ended zip help regulate temperatures better.
A good mat essential, otherwise all your heat goes into the ground. An oth fashioned karrimat was warm enough, modern self inflating ones also warm enough, but more comfortable.

*Edit - just realised, this is the thread I started ages ago!