German & Dutch Camping

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Re: German & Dutch Camping

Postby Mattie » 27 Oct 2014, 7:57pm

Marco Polo maps have campsites marked on them. Very useful for joining the campsites together. Often campsites are clustered around tourist or scenic locations and you may find there is nothing really in between. Marco Polo maps, showing campsites allows this sort of overview and strategic planning.

I have mentioned on this forum before how much I appreciate using a GPS E-Trex with Garmin Europe loaded. Before leaving I load lots and lots of campsites as waypoints and then you can find them exactly. As an example I had loaded this one into my GPS and you would not have been able to see it, as it was behind a Hotel. But the GPS showed exactly where it was, and looking I could see a sign that lead round the back of the Hotel to the little campsite. GPS saved the day !

This is exactly where that campsite was in Germany: N48 01.176, E07 36.483 hidden behind the Hotel Landgasthof.

Have fun.

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Re: German & Dutch Camping

Postby foxyrider » 28 Oct 2014, 10:22am

Surely finding the campsite is part of the fun camping experience! I've started taking a screen shot from Google Maps on my phone for anywhere i'm not sure about. As i plan my camping in advance its a simple way of having a visual check. Only once have i missed a site (i didn't go far enough down the road!) but i easily found an alternative nearby (this was in the Salzachtal south of Salzburg.)

There are camping opportunities near most major cities and if i can't find anything suitable i'm happy to do b&b! :D
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