Trustee elections 2017

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Re: Trustee elections 2017

Postby JohnW » 23 Oct 2017, 5:48pm

AndyK nudging them in the right direction to address that. I'm not going to fix the website for them but I can help point them in the right direction.

Andy - there's only one "right" direction, and that's their own. You'll have to make your own judgement whether you're pursuing a lost cause.............

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Re: Trustee elections 2017

Postby fionat » 7 Nov 2017, 8:09pm

Did I miss the results?

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Re: Trustee elections 2017

Postby gaz » 10 Nov 2017, 6:50pm

Published at 12:22 today: ... o-on-board

Dan Howard (2396 votes)
Jaqueline Hills (2003 votes)
Carl Pearce (1860 votes)
Andy Key (1721 votes)

Well done all.
It's got nothing to do with vorsprung durch technic you know ...