Where do I find my insurance discount code?

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Where do I find my insurance discount code?

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I have just rejoined cycling UK after an absence of a couple of years. As I hadn’t been a member for a while I set it up as a new membership rather than a renewal.

I’m trying to find my discount code for bike insurance. I think I need to log into the Cycling UK website to find this. I tried setting up a new login but it seems to have my existing account from a couple of years ago, so I can’t set up a new login. I have reset the password, but when I log in it doesn’t seem to recognise I have paid a new membership, so I can’t find the discount code. Anyone know how I can find this?

I don’t want to leave my new bike uninsured for the weekend, so any help would be appreciated!


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Re: Where do I find my insurance discount code?

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I am not a new member so I may not see the same codes / discounts as you should. I can PM you the codes I see - probably shouldn't post these on a public forum.

There are 3 flavours of insurance - Yellow Jersey, and Pedal Cover, and then there was or is also Cycle Sure (via Butterworth Spengler) for people who join via the "Back on Your Bike" 6 month scheme. I can find the regular member codes for the first two if it was either of those you want.

Belt and braces, I would suggest you also send a brief email to membership@cyclinguk.org now, to log / timestamp the problem and ask for help with your old/new login problem. Then in the unlikely event your bike is stolen over the weekend, you have half a leg to stand on!

If you are worried, I am sure that if you take out the insurance without the discount, and notify membership@cyclinguk.org about the login problem at the same time, they would / should sort out the discount after the weekend when your old/new account issue is sorted out.
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