How far can we go?

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How far can we go?

Postby Philip Benstead » 22 Jan 2016, 4:04pm

How far can we go?

The moderators have said I have broken the rules of this forum which result in some of my cc
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How far should we be permitted to go in expressing a view of the CTC and the Council?

In the old days under Tim Hughes editorship the CTC magazine often had critical views of the CTC and the council.

Has the CTC now become too controlling on the flow of information to it members?

Before last year’s AGM, the AGM Agenda Committee rejected some motions for inclusion on the agenda of the CTC AGM 2015 that could have been acceptable if re-drafted. The perception is that they were rejected because they were critical of the CTC Council.

Even though the CTC Orders in Council and Standing Orders as at 12th May, 2004 states “The Committee may at its discretion re-draft a motion in order to prevent its rejection or to make it more intelligible but in any such revision the Committee shall not alter the sense or purpose of the motion without the consent of the proposer.”
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Re: How far can we go?

Postby admin » 22 Jan 2016, 8:58pm

People can go as far as you like in criticising aspects of the CTC and the Council, but if a post gets personal or nasty it will be removed from this Forum. For two reasons:

  1. This Forum has a reputation for being a pleasant place to discuss things, and we would like to keep it that way.
  2. Personal criticism may well get close to being slander or libel, and it's quite possible that the host of this Forum (which could be seen as CTC, or my company Fonant Ltd, or both) would be jointly liable in any court case.
Keep it factual and polite, and there's no problem. If someone has a criticism, they should try to make a positive suggestion for how things might be done differently, rather than just being negative.

Remember, too, that what people say (and how they say it) reflects as much on them as on the subject being discussed. People can easily read between the lines.