Leaving in protest: was that what HO wanted?

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Leaving in protest: was that what HO wanted?

Postby SA_SA_SA » 22 Feb 2016, 12:44pm

A westsurreyctc forum post made me wonder:

Is CTC members leaving in protest at recent changes/HO behaviour what HO actually wants* so that they can have a member free charity with supporters?

* ie a cunning plan: annoy members; members leave: become charity with 'supporters'.
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Re: Leaving in protest: was that what HO wanted?

Postby robgul » 22 Feb 2016, 1:06pm

From experience :

Personal - cancelled membership and got 8/12 refund on membership fees

Member group - CTC Heart of England (I'm V Chairman) dissolved in September 2015 and new affiliated club Heart of England Cycling Club formed.

In both instances absolutely no attempt at retention from CTC HQ.

I think if I was running a business I'd be trying to retain "customers" ... and at least find out why the departures as so many people/MGs seem to be voting with their feet.

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Re: Leaving in protest: was that what HO wanted?

Postby AndyK » 22 Feb 2016, 1:33pm

I think this is quite likely. As I've pointed out elsewhere, the 2013-14 accounts show a membership income of £1.82M, out of a total income of £4.42M. However, expenditure on 'membership services' was £1.47M. If these figures are to be believed then the net income from membership was just £350,000 - roughly a fiver a head. I suspect the current leadership thinks it could manage without that - or rather, it could get a bigger profit from a combination of affiliation payments and 'supporters' who just pay their money and don't expect significant benefits or any say in how the charity is run.

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Re: Leaving in protest: was that what HO wanted?

Postby gaz » 23 Feb 2016, 11:43pm

Oct 2013 Council minutes, Item 15 appears to show 14,000 members "leave" every year, presumably meaning that they do not renew. Whilst a little dated it remains the only such comment I have seen in Council Minutes.

I've no idea how that 14,000 is made up. It must include the temporarily lapsed, graduating students who abandon their bikes, retiring commuters, those who have left to join the peleton celestial, etc. Spotting disgruntled "Cyclists' Touring Club not this CTC nonsense" and "you'll take the Winged Wheel from my cold dead hands" types amongst them would not be easy :wink: .

The figure shouldn't be considered in isolation. Lose 15,000 and recruit 20,000 paints a different picture to lose 15,000 and recruit 10,000.

BTW 5,000 free memberships were up for grabs last year as part of the Big Bike Revival.
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