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Postby SA_SA_SA » 6 Apr 2016, 11:50am

More evidence for TonyR NB CJ used to be on the British Standard cycle committee and working group (see Cycle magazine feb march 1997 page 41)

I also know CJ submitted lighting proposals when the Dft was proposing allowing flashing lamps etc etc etc. In other threads CJ mentioned meeting ISO lamp committees....

Cycle Aug Sept 1991 mentions CJ as the CTC's British Standard representive (page 20) in the article on cycle safety standards.
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Re: Technical officer

Postby CJ » 8 May 2016, 7:18pm

Si wrote:Personally I think that the CJ Technical Officer post should have been continued (with CJ in it) not to serve tourists, but to serve all cyclists.

Thank you Si, and that is of course, what I used to do, with the qualification that I would help anyone to make practical use of a cycle as a means of transport. Cycle sport, I felt, was nothing to do with CTC. My emphasis was on going places more easily and comfortably, not necessarily faster. There is a difference and I think that helped to distinguish CTC from all the usual sport-focussed cycling information sources.
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