Does this sound familiar? Philip Benstead

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Does this sound familiar? Philip Benstead

Postby Philip Benstead » 7 Jul 2016, 8:11pm

• Does this sound familiar? Philip Benstead ... -c0clt53lt

• 3 Jul 2016
• The Sunday Times
• James Gillespie
• Ramblers chief walks after power struggle
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• A BITTER campaign, angry arguments and the search for a new leader. Sound familiar?
• Far away from Westminster the latest, and most unlikely, group to be gripped by rebellion is theRamblers — formerly called the Ramblers’ Association — an organisation that has spent 81 years urging people to take a stroll.
• Its chief executive, Benedict Southworth, has resigned after a clash between reformers and traditionalists.
• Southworth, who became chief executive in 2012, had been involved in trying to replace the charity’s system of governance, which was based on area delegates elected to its general council voting on behalf of members, with one based on “one member, one vote”. Explaining the move during a long consultation with its 114,000 members, the Ramblers said it would help broaden its volunteer base. “Fostering local diversity means not having rules or arrangements that are more complicated than necessary,” it said.

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