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Is this the CTC Council? Philip Benstead

Posted: 7 Jul 2016, 8:13pm
by Philip Benstead
Is this the CTC Council? Philip Benstead ... -tgcg2bwh8
Non-execs cannot remain as eunuchs in the harem
Luke Johnson
June 26 2016, 12:01am,
The Sunday Times

Go with the flow: many non-executive board members have little at stake financially, so they just play along
It isn’t easy being a non-executive director. You carry identical liabilities to the rest of the board but have minimal control compared with your executive colleagues. In a sense, you are the eunuch in the harem: while the executives frolic, you shoulder responsibility without power. So why do it?

I mostly sit on boards to protect and understand my investments — and ideally add value. The vital question is: how much difference can you make? Many institutional investors place great store by the make-up of non-executives on a public company board. But if the board meets only every other month, and the conversation is dominated by a very confident chief executive, then in my experience, there is only so much the non-executives can do.

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