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Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 16 May 2017, 2:30pm
by geomannie
The AGM was last Saturday. I can't find any news on which motions were passed. Any links?

Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 16 May 2017, 5:22pm
by Steady rider
I think the end results went with Council, motions they supported were passed, all others failed. The votes before adding in the Chair proxy votes were generally more evenly divided. The voting procedure was one issue raised.

Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 17 May 2017, 7:53pm
by gaz
geomannie wrote:The AGM was last Saturday. I can't find any news on which motions were passed. Any links?

Here: ... report.pdf

Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 17 May 2017, 8:53pm
by Steady rider
Motion No 4 will result in changing the AoA, see page 13, ... voting.pdf

12.10 At the annual general meeting the Members are to:
(a) receive the accounts of the Charity for the previous financial year;
(b) receive a written report on the Charity’s activities;
(c) appoint reporting accountants or auditors for the Charity.

It does not include the previous provision;
9.4 Any motion for inclusion in the Agenda for a General Meeting shall be proposed by one Member
and seconded by another Member;

Perhaps in 2018 a motion to include the above could be included as a special resolution.

Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 24 May 2017, 8:47am
by Steady rider
The following information was provided and may add a little to understanding how the AGM was conducted.
The AGM resulted in some discussion of various points that helped those attending to understand how issues were viewed.

CTC AGM 2017 BY Richard Bates

Held at Wesley Hotel, Euston, London - 10am - several attendees mentioned the early start due the journey undertaken.

The occasion is much changed since the weekend event held as CTC - AGM, Dinner, Presentations and Rides held in rotation around the Regional Structured Council which involved a Local Member Group.

This AGM - Now as Cycling UK was business like to point that it had be conducted promptly and in fact if it had not been me Seconding Motions 9-15 on behalf of Philip Benstead which lead to some constructive debate and prompted Q&A at the end to some degree. In fact the booked lunch time had to be brought forward!

Dan Howard - Chair opened the meeting reporting a current membership 63,600 - A decline but not bad for a 'start up' organisation! About 30 people were in attendance comprising of most of the 12 member Board, Cycling UK personnel, Ordinary Members and officials conducting the voting at the meeting in addition to the Proxy votes cast. About 2600 took part in the voting. Charities are encouraged to have Proxy voting but this precludes taking amendments to Motions which some people would like to have seen following debate.

Motion 1 - 2016 Minutes but challenge to content/accuracy or matters arising were not dealt with

Motion 2 - CEO; Paul Tuohy - Reported with presentation, was encouraging but it was hard to fathom how 16,000 people had joined but Membership dropped overall. There should be a paper on the reasons for people leaving. Off- road cycling is being pursued and a campaign to make more land available for this received good support. Gift Aid was £100K but could be more. Cycling UK is considered to be an effective organisation - projects delivered from income received. The 1.5m passing mats* campaign was highlighted and each Police Authority has been funded and Cycle campaigners need to pursue locations and times when this advisory scheme will be implemented.

* Begs the question - will the Single File; The Safest Style posters appearing in Yorkshire start to appear elsewhere!

Motion 3 - Auditors not in attendance

Motion 4 - Note Special Resolutions need a 75% majority - For 2190 Against 177 Abstain 277

Jackie Lowe - Cycling spoke to the Motion with support from Jonathon Naughton who played a proactive support to the meeting but says he is to busy to be considered to lead the Board. Consultation had resulted in 3000 responses.

Motion 5 - Jackie and Jonathon once again and voting was 1939 For 449 Against 205 Abstained, which could made a difference to the outcome!
Colin voiced the view that there was no need for this motion and it only just scrapped past the figure required for change

Motion 6 - Jim Brown given the task of proposing the headline membership rate be raised to £45.00 and a mention made of a 100,000 membership - have we not heard that before! Anyhow, budgeting for 70,000 over the next 3 years - 10% increase seemed acceptable! Voting was 2140 For 354 Against 99 Abstained. I note London Cycling Campaign membership is £49.00 with extensive offers worth £4 per month - in effect Free Membership!

Motion 7 - Paul Hepworth proposed limiting a Member to submitting 2 Motions - Colin spoke against. In reality can still be made to AGM's! and are subject to acceptance still!

Motion 8 - Alan Staniforth spoke about low numbers voting and mentioned other 'similar' organisations but none mentioned. Ian Westgate spoke against. Is this really the issue about Membership! - the fact we have a declining membership when cycling is booming! I offered Ramblers as a similar organisation that publishes walks publically, socialises and holds meetings at more Local levels than Cycling UK

Motions 9-15 The Clarke/Benstead 'Files' - RBates subsequently Seconded these Motions which promoted discussion and debate. The matter of Seconder having the opportunity to have a published reply to the Board's response was raised and chance to get agreement on amendments too and which could achieve a good outcome for Cycling

Motion 9 - Janet Atherton for the Board - Cycling UK Advisory and not compulsory!

Motion 10 - Janet Atherton - said Full Name on Card along with Winged Wheel. Several people said print was coming off cards! I feel lucky that I have a 2001 Life Member Card with CTC on it and no print issues!

Motion 11 - Scrutiny - Jonathon Naughton spoke, saying it was a non starter and the Board had a Scrutiny Role. From my perspective, I saw CTC as being a Democratic Body with it's Member Groups and I pushed for a comprehensive Local and Regional Structure but the opposite in fact has occurred.

Motion 12 - Jackie Lowe replied but did not speak to the issue - I mentioned this above in a preamble

Motion 13 - Jackie Lowe said the point taken and even the cost of broadcasting explored - it was implied it would be £5k but Jonathon Naughton was all for 'private' discussion - like at board meetings! but this was talking about AGM's and probably a lot more would like to attend and perhaps a survey should be conducted to evaluate the cost per member. Similar to the cost of conducting AGM voting of which half were block votes and only c.2600 participated.

Motion 14 - The clincher - The Board supported the motion. Did it need an AGM Motion was mentioned. Well the Board accepted it!
2394 For 97 Against 102 Abstained

Motion 15 - Rachel Kirkwood opposed based upon her 20 mile daily 'triathlete' cycle but did no seem to understand the need for utility cycling. I spoke about a recent experience of seeing school children pushing bikes along a pavement whilst training and the instructor saying there was no provision for kids to cycle on next to the school. I question what benefit children will have from this type of cycling other than Off - Road which Cycling UK are keen to promote................along with putting a bike on a car to transport it and not experiencing shared space cycling - which eventually you have to do to ride a bike!

There was talk of amending the Motion to remove encouraging parents, etc to cycle with children to school. Pretty pointless, as one assume a Cycling Organisation would support Children cycling to school anyway!

Motion lost 784 For 1587 Against 219 Abstained

In summary - I have targeted circulation of these notes and not adverse to these being shared for discussion and comment.

Richard Bates

Past CTC Councillor; SE England and Right to Ride Campaigner.I am still active with campaign groups in Sussex and Brighton and try to participate when possible on Member Group rides and attending their AGM. I am keen to set up a Local Cycle Group but not being assisted by Cycling UK on the matter and also getting clarification on Insurance when it comes down to leading a ride for Organisations as part of Well Being Promotions and one asks the question - 2 people riding along together - does this prompt it being an organised ride!

Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 24 May 2017, 7:57pm
by Psamathe
Steady rider wrote:....
Dan Howard - Chair opened the meeting reporting a current membership 63,600 - A decline but not bad for a 'start up' organisation! About 30 people were in attendance comprising of most of the 12 member Board, Cycling UK personnel, ...

I thought the name change was going to enable the Organisation and Tooey to surge forward going from strength to strength; yet it seems in decline. And we still don't seem to know how much all that re-branding cost and how much money that could have been spent on campaigning for cyclists & cycling was instead spend on marketing consultants and re-branding (at least not that I've seen).


Re: Cycling UK AGM : 13th May 2017 : London

Posted: 25 May 2017, 1:44pm
by Steady rider
CTC AGM 2017 BY Richard Bates

Details came from Richard.

If you look back at Council minutes of their meetings, a good proportion of their time was spent on discussing Governance and rebranding issues. In general terms none of this inward looking agenda helps cyclists out there on the road or paths.

They may have been overly concerned about their own image and name and in part be distracted from there real role. It tell you a lot when they have 60,000+ members and about 30 turn up for the AGM. I expect the 7 motions from myself will now be a record for any one members.