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Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 7 Jan 2018, 10:48am
by gaz
Steady rider wrote:The CTC provides (either alone or with others) a bi-annual road safety 'Bikesafe' conference.

Biannual means occuring twice a year.
Steady rider wrote:... research could advance in a 2 year period.

Your later post suggests you are intending for a conference once every two years.

If you do decide to put a motion forward please be clear about the intended frequency of 'Bikesafe' events.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 7 Jan 2018, 1:29pm
by Steady rider
Well spotted Gaz ... mpqgsjCERc

Every two years, Biennial

I will edit some previous posts in case people are confused. The intention is a conference with research papers, perhaps similar to Velo City but much smaller and with close connections to the UK situation and problems. Sustrans or BC may wish to be partners for some events, some universities may be able to host the conference.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 11:00am
by Zanda
I wonder how the second proposal differs from the campaigning conferences organised by Cyclenation groups.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 11:15am
by Steady rider
Draft motions would read;
The CTC provides (either alone or with others) a biennial (every two years) road safety 'Bikesafe' conference.

This would allow for technical research papers on topics and presentation of information, together with discussions of how best to improve conditions for cycling. A publication of 'Bikesafe' conference papers could be published every two years. This would promote UK cycling related research and highlight issues where improvements could be made. This could be in addition to one day events that CTC already provide. Hopefully UK universities could be encouraged to become involved and provide suitable research. Cycling UK Right To Ride representatives should have access to the mini Velo type conference and contribute with their experience to the level of understanding required to advance the conditions for cycling

The above would encourage universities or others to provide research on cycling topics specific to the UK or in general. It would be more than key speakers and discussions, it would help promote and provide new research. So far it needs a seconder to proceed. Where the AGM will be held is still not provided. - edit Bristol

The CTC promotes research into establishing the effects from wearing helmets on the accident rate that appears to increase with helmet usage according to several reports.

Reports and accident data raise concerns that helmet usage results in a higher accident rate per km or hour cycled.
Robinson's 1996 report provided injury data for children from Victoria and New South Wales. In Victoria, the equivalent injury numbers for pre law levels of cyclist numbers increased 15% from 1990 to 1992. It reported in Table 2 for children in NSW. The relative injury rate proportional to cycling levels increased 59%.
Erke and Elvik 2007 examined research from Australia and New Zealand and stated that "There is evidence of increased accident risk per cycling-km for cyclists wearing a helmet. In Australia and New Zealand, the increase is estimated to be around 14 per cent."
Porter 2016 report in the US detailed that cyclists wearing helmets had more than twice the odds of suffering an injury than cyclists not wearing helmets.
Clarke 2012 reported on New Zealand and changes to the injury rate and injuries per million hours of travel following helmet legislation in 1994. The study reported “by 2003–07, cyclists had a 20% higher accident rate compared with pre law”. Other information shows a much larger increase than the 20% figure. There is additional research that raises concerns

Both motions promotes more research and need a seconder.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 29 Jan 2018, 10:09pm
by yann
Perhaps not so early as i only found out about 1 Feb deadline 4 days ago!
Anyone looking for a seconder for an AGM motion? (or suggestions that i could Propose?)

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 10:03am
by Steady rider
Requests the CTC to seek a higher priority and available funding for providing cycle paths alongside rural A roads, (that are not already part of the Strategic Road Network, the SRN already has funding provision for providing cycle paths). Also requested is information on the number of miles on rural A roads that have cycle paths already and the extra number of miles that are being provided per year.

Rural A roads for cyclists have a fatality rate approximately 8 times higher than other rural roads per km cycled. They are usually away from built up large areas and often have relatively low levels of cycle usage. Subsequently they do not easily qualify for funding bids where city locations have more people living close by and may gain funding. Without providing cycle paths on rural A roads they become for many people too dangerous to use and deter cycling, thus cutting off routes that often connect villages and towns by the most direct means. Approximately 20,000 miles of rural A roads are involved and need improvements. A specific target of providing perhaps 2000 miles per year could be aimed at. A design standard specifically applicable may be of benefit to reduce design costs and allow for low levels of use in some locations.

Steady rider has two motions already submitted, but could second a motion if other wise to propose.
corrected spelling

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 1:16pm
by PH
yann wrote:Anyone looking for a seconder for an AGM motion? (or suggestions that i could Propose?)

I don't get this at all, I'd assumed people who proposed motions did so from a deep held belief that it could contribute to making things better. Regardless of whether I agreed with them or not, I respected their commitment of time and effort in trying to further their cause. Now it seems most motions are being put by people who first want to put a motion and then go looking for some reason for it.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 1:25pm
by Steady rider
I think yann is probably local to Bristol and is offering to lodge a motion if it is suitable. Someone from Newcastle would have a long trip and perhaps expense to attend an AGM in Bristol, it is offering to help.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 8:58pm
by gaz
Steady rider wrote:I think yann is probably local to Bristol ...

The Cycling UK website is still not showing a location for the AGM, do you have some inside knowledge here?

Edit: Website updated on 2nd Feb to include Bristol.

Re: CTC AGM possible motions for 2018

Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 9:58pm
by Steady rider
Latest 'Cycle' mag I believe