Cycle magazine not in plastic please.

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Re: Cycle magazine not in plastic please.

Postby SA_SA_SA » 8 May 2018, 11:25pm

The National Trust magazine has started coming in compostable bags (simply put in appropriate domestic brown bin).

A cherry tree makes lots of blossom (low (energy) cost manufacture) then throws them on the ground to degrade for next year.
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Re: Cycle magazine not in plastic please.

Postby PaulB » 23 May 2018, 12:19pm

I'm all for saving the planet and re-cycling but I have just received a magazine through the post that had no packaging to protect it and it looks decidedly second hand. If I saw it on the shelves of WHS I'd have picked another copy. It was a dry, sunny morning so I dread to think what state it would have been in if it had been pouring down. I have had some catalogues delivered via the post without protective covers and on wet days they are all but ruined.

If I am paying to receive something I expect it to arrive unscathed.