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CUK Membership has its benefits

Posted: 12 Oct 2019, 2:57pm
by briansnail
Small suggestions that CUK might consider for additional member benefits:

1- CUK Xmas lottery.Halfords already give a good discount. Xmas is round the corner. I am sure that they would be willing to throw in a additional free voucher for a free bike. The lucky CUK member would be chosen at random. Ask them nicely and time it just before they are due to go home.
They do have a captive and target audience with cycling UK. They should be delighted at the prospect of additional Xmas advertising. One voucher to them is very small change.

2-Cycling UK has a lot of input into Bike week 6-14 June 2020.Also Cycle to work May 15 2020.If this was in future moved to school holidays. The roads would be quiet. Parents would not have to take children to school by car. More importantly children could join their parents on bikes. The more the merrier.

3-Brompton is an icon. They have moved to a 5 day week. Good. This leaves them time to open Saturdays for visits by accredited CUK members. Even for a nominal fee CUK members would be interested. I know Brompton love showing their bikes. Why not the factory? In the past owners could just cycle up to the factory if there was a frame issue. A mechanic would listen with his stethoscope and the bike would be fully restored to health in a few days. They liked the public.

4-Could we look at a optional on line CYCLING magazine to cut down on postage/paper and make for easy retrieval. This cycling forum rates on the big ten. If there was a icon with password access to it for CYCLING magazine. It would encourage more members. Can we have one bike review feature in CYCLING. There are people on these forums who would willing pay you to allow them to write them.