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Cotswold Outdoor discount

Posted: 16 Oct 2019, 10:47pm
by brooksby
I went into Cotswold Outdoor this afternoon to get something. I often get things in there because of my Cycling UK discount, and just show my membership card.

But not this time, oh no: apparently there was a change in policy over the summer and so now you have to provide an email address and register for COs own loyalty card/marketing in order to claim your CUK member discount.

I chose not to use the discount, and I won't necessarily go straight to CO in future.

Re: Cotswold Outdoor discount

Posted: 16 Oct 2019, 11:25pm
by gaz
Changed 1 July. I missed that one but I can't recall ever using the discount myself. ... ld-outdoor

Re: Cotswold Outdoor discount

Posted: 17 Oct 2019, 10:01am
by brooksby
Huh. I missed that. I'm not going to sign up for another loyalty card/scheme, so that puts CO back on the same footing as Blacks, etc. Probably further down, because they're more expensive and the only reason I used them was the CUK discount.

Re: Cotswold Outdoor discount

Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 10:39pm
by albal1
Didn't know this. Thanks. With that I'll probably use go outdoors as I have the annual discount card for that store.

Re: Cotswold Outdoor discount

Posted: 9 Jan 2020, 8:09pm
by Bmblbzzz
Didn't know about that change. I guess I must not have bought anything in CO since July -- assuming they are implementing the change consistently. I do have one of their own cards but rarely/never use it, because the CUK discount is better. But even with the discount, they're often beaten...

Re: Cotswold Outdoor discount

Posted: 9 Jan 2020, 8:24pm
by Tangled Metal
You'll give go outdoors or blacks the information needed but not cotswolds outdoors to get a benefit? I guess with nectar, Tesco card, go outdoors card, blacks card, cafe Nero, cafe blue, Starbucks, etc it's just one too many getting one more? :D

If they hadn't changed process or requirements would the UK discount make CO a good price? If it did then 5 minutes at most to sign up in store with CO is hardly a penalty imho.

Personally I buy where I can find what I want at the best price from places that have decent reps. Google shopping is helpful but I'll often spend more than their cheapest listing because it's a real store or bigger store name. Prefer to buy in store at go taking advantage of price match to get even more off.