Cycling UK - sub/regional groups?

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Cycling UK - sub/regional groups?

Postby Steady rider » 23 Apr 2020, 12:53pm

I think the change from a club based CTC to a charity based CTC with trading name Cycling UK was an effort to gain more funding and tax breaks perhaps.

It appears to have had various effects and caused some serious divisions. The activities largely support cycling groups, individuals and the public. The traditional CTC was governed by the articles approved by the members and influenced by the members and had regional representatives. Quite a good connection with the membership. It has now lost the area connectivity and somewhat lost the direct influence of a membership group and now relies on the trustees acting in the best interests of cycling.

With a lot of Cycling UK activity still focused on membership activity is there anything stopping Cycling UK from forming sub regional groups to enhance connectivity to cycling groups. To allow the sub groups to promote cycling to achieve the maximum benefit in their areas, how best could this be arranged? A sub group could follow much of the old CTC articles and still be within Cycling UK articles and practices perhaps. Would there be definite benefits? What would be the objectives of areas taking part? Is it worth a submission to the trustees?