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Cycling UK Insurance plus register

Posted: 25 Jun 2020, 3:34pm
by briansnail
In this post COVID recession you can count on one thing.Bike shops are sold out as cycle makers rush to catch up.Some one wants to steal your bike and will not be put of by age or rust given the ready market.Insure your cycle with your house and the excess makes it anything but worthwhile and the spiralling premium that will result means net loss.Ditto other cycle insurance. CUK really need to come up with a scheme that will benefit members given it has the power of numbers.Even id the insurance pay out was limited to £100 - £ 200 it would soften the blow of a lost bike and make for smaller premiums.
Also CUK needs to encourage bike shops to etch post codes on new and old bikes for a fee.Bike shops are fast losing trade.On my station people buy hacks they know a new one will last a week-if lucky.
Its in the self interests of Bike shops to get cracking register bikes with post codes.Its in the interest of CUK for benefit of members to point this out.