CTC third party insurance.

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CTC third party insurance.

Postby hercule » 4 Aug 2020, 8:11pm

I’ve been a member of the CTC since I don’t know when (certainly when it really was the Cyclists’ Touring Club, and one of the attractions has been the third party insurance (amongst other things). I’ve realised that I now spend very little time riding conventional bicycles and in fact per mile it’s my recumbent bike and trike that get the most use. Over the last year I’ve also added kick biking to my repertoire and this prompts me to ask: what is the Cycling UK definition of a “cycle”? I’m assuming that the Highway Code term “pedal cycle” applies so are my kick bikes excluded? True, they have no pedals but otherwise they have bike sized wheels and use bike components, including front and rear brakes. What about Elliptogos? Essentially they are treadle rather than pedal drive. Given the appearance of recumbents in the magazine I assume they are covered under the definition. Can anyone clarify?

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Re: CTC third party insurance.

Postby gaz » 5 Aug 2020, 12:08am

Insurance questions need to be addressed to the provider, see the response to FAQ 20.
... If you ride something that might be regarded as ‘non-standard’, you may wish to contact Cycling UK National Office to confirm cover, ...

You'll probably get a few more opinions expressed here, that's all they'll be and it would be unwise to rely upon them. If you want a definitive answer contact Cycling UK, I hope they'll provide you with one. Your query makes me wonder about balance bikes which also have no pedals but I'm not curious enough to ask.

Please note that gaz is not FCA regulated and cannot assess individual needs for insurance. You will not receive advice or recommendations from gaz about them. Please direct your queries to your chosen insurance provider, who may be either vaguely reassuring or reassuringly vague in their response (wonderful phrase, my thanks to mjr for providing it on another thread). Hand wash only. Do not iron. Your home may be at risk if you leave the gas on whilst out riding anything that may or may not be a pedal cycle. Posted on a forum that contains track nuts and cannot be guaranteed track nut free.
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