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Re: CTC on Facebook

Postby PhilWhitehurst » 21 May 2012, 8:44pm

If Facebook is full of students and school kids and the CTC wants to attract younger members. Then being on Facebook is a good thing. Some would argue that they should have stuck to news letters in the mail and not bothered spending money on a website and email. Sometimes we forget where we've come from and how much easier it is to connect with each other these days.

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Re: CTC on Facebook

Postby Si » 22 May 2012, 8:04am

What Phil says makes sense to me. So does what cranky1 one says.

Facebook offers excellent opportunities for connecting with a new audience and allowing more involvement from the current ones, at very little cost. But, of course, only if it's done right. There was an 'inclusiveness' study being done a while ago,looking at how Net2.0 could be best exploited by the CTC for the benefit of its members and potential members (I got slightly involved on the forum side), but I think that various other, shall we say "time-consuming", issues got in the way, and I don't know what the out come was. Gordon Seabright, our new man at the helm, seems interested in this area so it may get back on track now.

Alas, there will always be those that pore scorn on anything new, or associated with the younger generation, and the CTC does have an image for being a bit of a conservative/traditionalist organisation. It's my view that not just embracing but really championing such technologies helps to drag us kicking and screaming into the modern age...just look at how well the LCC has done out of them.

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Re: CTC on Facebook

Postby Penfold » 30 Jun 2012, 7:20pm

As a former Facebook user.....It's OK I'm better now...... :twisted:

My thoughts are these, people who have an interest in cycling will use the entire web to search for their interest.
Just because you are young and a FB user does not automaticaly mean that you will search for the CTC on that medium, or even dare I say, join the club.

The association of lightweight campers (ALC) dumped their Yahoo forum group in favour of FB in an effort to attract young members. When I looked last (three minutes ago) there were 26 'likes' on that FB page so not a roaring success. (IMHO)

Dont get me wrong I agree FB is just another tool in the box available to the team that have to raise awareness of cycling but, please dont push to go the whole hog down the FB road, it may not deliver the results 'we' want.
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Re: CTC on Facebook

Postby Cunobelin » 1 Jul 2012, 10:30am

mrsbloomsburybarton wrote: Maybe your bike could become friends with mine :lol:

My bike is a Hussy - I allowed that to happen once and look what happened, despite all my advice on puncture protection!


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Re: CTC on Facebook

Postby Cyril Haearn » 9 Aug 2020, 1:01pm

Thread resurrection alert

I know there are some reasons not to use farce book, but whatabout twitter, is that more trustworthy, how do the two 'social networks' differ?
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Re: CTC on Facebook

Postby pedals2slowly » 15 Aug 2020, 10:04pm

Cyril Haearn wrote:Thread resurrection alert

I know there are some reasons not to use farce book, but whatabout twitter, is that more trustworthy, how do the two 'social networks' differ?

Since you've resurrected it Facebook must have improved a great deal from previous posts, my two local member groups and several local affiliated club use it very effectively for organising rides, sharing information, attracting new members, buying and selling cycling stuff etc.

I know nothing about twitter or Instagram etc but just like all technology, used sensibly it's great, used badly it's rubbish.
I can't see any reason NOT to use facebook unless you are unable to manage your notifications, 'friends' etc.