CTC Tourist Competition 2012.

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CTC Tourist Competition 2012.

Postby Malpas » 10 Feb 2012, 9:16am

The future of this long standing annual season long national competition which is due to start in early March seems to be much in doubt due to a lack of assistance/support from CTC HQ.So says the road events page of the CTC website.
Can anyone expand on the problems, are they really that unresolvable?
I do understand that running events for "members" is not helpful to the application for charitable status but I for one would be quite fed up if that is the reason or even part of the reason.
Does the National Council support the existence of the event ?

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Re: CTC Tourist Competition 2012.

Postby gaz » 10 Feb 2012, 10:34am

Competitions have come and gone before the Charity proposals, the BCTC springs to mind which IIRC ground to a halt in the early 90's. I'm fairly sure the Brooks Trophy used to be awarded in the BCTC but it now appears in the list for the CTC Tourist Competition.

I think the issue with the BCTC was finding DA's prepared to host the finals and regional events, it may also have been dwindling levels of participation, although clearly one effects the other.

FWIW I must have heard about the CTC Tourist Competition before but I've never really paid much attention to it. Having ridden many local events in the past it would seem that I must have taken part in the CTCTC without ever having made a concious decision to do so. A CTC member riding an event on the CTCTC list is entered into the Competition by default. On that basis it must be very hard to judge the level of interest amongst members for the Competition.

Going further back forum member ostersund won The Renold Trophy in the late 1950's, as the best young CTC member during a week long course of events. I don't know what that competition was called and I can't trace the Trophy beyond 1979, perhaps that event also changed or stopped.

Malpas wrote:Can anyone expand on the problems, are they really that unresolvable?

Perhaps you should contact the Competition Co-ordinator for further information. There may be no link to the Charity proposals.
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Re: CTC Tourist Competition 2012.

Postby Kevin Mayne » 10 Feb 2012, 3:13pm

Its pretty straightforward Gaz, and definately not related to charitable status.

Member groups told us in no uncertain terms that some old MG policies didn't work for many of them, mainly because it was too cumbersome to create new groups and that many members like to be part of multiple activities and groups at a local level.

The new freedom to create overlapping groups and more groups at a local level was overwhelmingly endorsed by the groups themselves, but creates a second difficulty with a competition that historically rewarded the idea of going to another group to take part in their events. It has also created a bottleneck in getting all groups to formally confirm how they want to operate in the new structure, so the event coordinator has been hanging on for a definitive list of groups.

It is frustrating for them and us, we have done much better this year in getting groups returns back to national office, but two months after the deadline we are still waiting for about 10 groups.

We could just punt out a list, but then we will have the nightmare of people submitting entries for unrecognised groups.


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Re: CTC Tourist Competition 2012.

Postby Karen Sutton » 14 Feb 2012, 1:22am

gaz wrote:
FWIW I must have heard about the CTC Tourist Competition before but I've never really paid much attention to it.

It may be helpful to know that it used to be called the DATC (District Association Tourist Competition). Of course now the title DA has been outlawed the name has been changed.