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Posted: 29 Apr 2012, 11:24am
by Si
admin wrote:CTC now Cycling UK - please note that this message was written when Cycling UK was still known as CTC.

After a number of requests for a new CTC section, and emails asking where to put topics about the CTC, we have decided to try out a new forum layout.

Hopefully you will have noticed the new "About the CTC" division in the top level of the forum. Within it are two sub sections: "CTC Member Groups" and "CTC Topics and Discussions".

"CTC Member Groups" is as it was before, just in a more fitting place......and now includes affiliates.

"CTC Topics and Discussions" is the new one. It is for questions concerning the CTC itself. For example, issues about the membership renewal process, discussions about who should get the contract for being the CTC shop and what they should offer, discussion of AGM motions, and so on and so forth. Campaigning issues that the CTC is involved with can still go in the Campaigns section of the forum. Obviously there will be some grey areas where a topic might fit equally well in more than one area....we'll just have to do our best and see how it goes.

CTC Charity Debate
This has not been removed. It is now a sub section of "CTC Topics and Discussions" because it is a CTC Topic and Discussion that deserves a section of its own. Nothing has been deleted from it, although a few threads that didn't really fit have been moved up into "CTC Topics and Discussions".

Hopefully, this new section will stimulate further discussion about the CTC and what can be done to improve it. I have been told that Councillors are being encouraged to read it so that they can improve their understanding of what the membership thinks. As always, all of the same rules and regs that apply to the rest of the forum apply to these new, respectful and polite discussion only please.

Thanks for your cooperation.