CTC Complaints Procedure.

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CTC Complaints Procedure.

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 19 Jul 2014, 10:23am

I finally found it, if you need it.
http://www.ctc.org.uk/about-ctc/policie ... -procedure

I am still trying to work out HOW you do it :?
http://www.ctc.org.uk/sites/default/fil ... ures_0.pdf

"3. Guidance Notes to the Procedure
1. *A formal complaint is one made in writing and addressed to the Club itself or an appropriate
official of the Club, i.e. the Chief Executive, a member of his staff or a National Councillor."

It appears you have to write :?:

This is the Cheif Exec -
http://www.ctc.org.uk/about-ctc/ctc-nat ... l-mckinley
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Re: CTC Complaints Procedure.

Postby gaz » 19 Jul 2014, 8:07pm

NATURAL ANKLING wrote:This is the Cheif Exec -
http://www.ctc.org.uk/about-ctc/ctc-nat ... l-mckinley

[pantomime voice]Oh no it isn't![/pantomime voice]

Paul Tuohy took up the post last Monday. :mrgreen:
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